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The following is the track plan as it is today.

The room size is 12 feet by 16 feet


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I have been a model railroader since 1987. I have been modeling in n-scale from the start.

This layout is of freelance in nature featuring scenes from my local area here in the Pacific Northwest. Locomotive power is made up of BNSF, BN, GN ,NP, SP&S and UP. Most of them are diesel but do run some steam also! Anything that looks good can run on these tracks! This is my second layout which I began October of 2001. I saved all the detail and buildings from my original layout to use on this new one. The track and switches were scrapped from the old layout and the new layout uses Atlas code 80 track and Peco code 80 electrofrog switches. It is wired in blocks for DC operation at this time but DCC will be easy to convert to when the time comes. This layout is a dual mainline for continuous running but has many businesses with sidings for future operations. A helix is in the works for staging under the main layout .

I am putting this websight together to share my experiences in modeling in hopes to inspire others to begin to build or continue to pursue their nscale modeling . So many have inspired me and will continue to inspire me to keep on creating in 1:160. The possibilities are endless and I enjoy every minute of it!

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