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Draper Valley
chicken feed plant

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fertilizer plant

Dcp_1392.jpg (245901 bytes)
Kit-bashing a
building to fit a wall

Dcp_1445.jpg (267120 bytes)
Fitting the building
in its place

Dcp_0736.jpg (21353 bytes)
MOW and yes it
runs down the track

Dcp_0741.jpg (58680 bytes)
working on a ditch
digging scene

Dcp_0747.jpg (24137 bytes)
Who said doors can't
open in N-Scale

Dcp_1525.jpg (42810 bytes)
Digital odometer

Dcp_1511.jpg (298425 bytes)
Paint booth is a must
to exhaust paint fumes

Dcp_1506.jpg (294753 bytes)        Dcp_1507.jpg (284149 bytes)
Working on engine maintenance facility
like article in N-Scale Magazine

Dcp_1544.jpg (60622 bytes)           Dcp_1545.jpg (55304 bytes)           Dcp_1547.jpg (46947 bytes)         Dcp_1546.jpg (52389 bytes)
Trying my hand at making trees out of furnace filters.  It is easier than I thought. First picture is of all the stages
  of completion. The second  is of the filter squares glued to the trunk material. The third is of the filter material
trimmed to shape. The fourth is of the finished product after adding the ground foam.

Dcp_1800.jpg (43678 bytes)         Dcp_1801.jpg (42256 bytes)           Dcp_1802.jpg (43261 bytes)
These are actually HO scale sea gulls that I made. They are only about 20% too big for N -scale.
I carved a prototype from clay and made a silicone mold and then cast them.
A little paint and they look like scavengers.    

Dcp_1808.jpg (58789 bytes)
Modeling a real billboard
Yes the headlights are lighted

Dcp_1831.jpg (30075 bytes)
Someone has to mow the lawn for
the man in the wheelchair

Dcp_1847.jpg (47995 bytes)
Septic tank hauler

Dcp_1834.jpg (30891 bytes)       Dcp_1837.jpg (21769 bytes)
Made a Limo by cutting two cars in half and joining them together

Dcp_1845.jpg (47411 bytes)

Welding bottle truck

Dcp_1842.jpg (47329 bytes)
Took a small sledge
to split that wood!

Dcp_1986.jpg (40697 bytes)
Scratch built garage from styrene

Dcp_1987.jpg (31526 bytes)
mobile office

Dcp_1993.jpg (59830 bytes)
Getting the flowerbeds and shrubs planted before installing on the layout

apple3.jpg (64545 bytes)
A little wire and solder and poly fiber and...we have fresh apple sauce!

sixth helix for the local club
dual main line with run arounds top and bottom

intermodal.jpg (61182 bytes)
Some intermodal projects.... Mi-Jack detailed as per article in NSR with added wheel guards- primed and ready for paint



One of my tries at powering a MOW vehicle.

mow1.jpg (46553 bytes)
A powered Crane?

mow2.jpg (71934 bytes)
Nope just a powered MOW boxcar pushing the crane

mow3.jpg (25092 bytes)
A modified Kato powered chassis for the drive 

Tunnel portal for the club layout

Debarker , Bark Bin, Sawdust loader

Sawdust loader

Live deck and debarker and bark bin

N-scale crab pot?

docks and buildings


dock and warehouse


tackle shop and restaurant

Lighthouse project in front of a picture of the proto type


propane delivery truck


Car weathering


making sawdust loads


bridge for club

scratch built tunnel portal

Argus and Performance hobbies

Skagit State Bank

Marty's Paints and Burlington Cafe

twincity foods canery

Boatman's coffee stand


Fairhaven Cafe

Sportsman's Den barber shop

Car lot office and insurance company

Bellows Tavern