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Started with plans for bench work and precut as much as
 I could at my place of work.

Then home to the garage to start assembling the bench work.

Out to the train shed for one more look at the old
 layout before destruction starts.

That was a tough step to take, start tearing apart the old layout 
to prepare the shed for the new layout.

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The shelves were removed from the left side of the room and
 the sheet rock was finished.

The bench work starts to go in all the while moving all the contents
 of the room from one side to another as I went.

After the bench work was complete the upper cupboards were build to make storage area for many things that were stored in this room before. It also functioned as a valance to hide the lighting for the layout.

I used 4 foot single florescent tubes for work lights and used 
clear Christmas lights on a dimmer for operation lights.

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My track plan was just where and what I wanted to include in my layout.

Now came the actual task of fitting things in the space I had.
 I did want a dual mainline layout but not all the track parallel. 
I built this layout around the scenes I wanted to model. Things like a river,
 a bay scene, mainline over mainline, as much horizontal track spacing as 
possible, reversing loop,   a snow shed,  large gorge with bridges crossing,
 a pond with a cabin on it, engine facility with fueling and sanding and
 turntable and shops for painting and car work and engine work and MOW equipment storage, Yard as large as possible, Intermodel facility, Saw mill,
 Farm equipment company, Town scene from old layout, Farm scene,
 Agrichem farm chemical company which my father owned, Draper Valley 
chicken feed plant which is close to home, Gas station, 
 Fast food restaurant, Train station, and other buildings and scenes
 from my old layout.